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Dave and Angela Russell own and operate Ride Like a Pro Maryland, located in Southern Maryland. Dave is a seasoned instructor and has taught hundreds of riders the tips, tricks and techniques used by the Nation's Top Motor Officers to properly and safely operate their service motorcycles including at low speeds whether riding in congested streets, among pedestrians and when making tight U turns. Over the years scores of students have traveled to Southern Maryland to train with him. Dave's expertise and easy going personality combined with the proven "Ride Like a Pro" training methods enable his students to achieve amazing results in as little as a single 4-hour lesson with him.  In fact, Dave has made the process of learning and developing the "Ride Like a Pro" advanced rider skills so easy and fun for riders of all ages and every skill level that many students return each year to continue to train and sharpen their skills with him.  Dave's wife Angela manages the business side of things and also provides the exceptional photos and videos taken of the students in action which can be found on their FaceBook page at Ride Like a Pro Maryland.

Dave Russell

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Dave and Angela

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